$295  0-1000 sq. ft                                                                                

$350  1001-2000 sq. ft.                                                                           

$400  2001-3000 sq. ft                                                                            

$450  3001-4000 sq. ft.

$500 4001-5000 sq ft.

5001 and above please call for quote and to schedule.

$75   Pool & Spa

$60 Termite Inspection

$125 Additional Structures

$150 Re-inspection

  • Pricing is applicable for Maricopa county, all other inspection requests please call for appointment and pricing.

  • Commercial and alternative inspection types pricing will vary, please call for a quote.

  • Multi-Family Dwellings start at $250.00 per unit.

  • For your convenience we accept Cash, Check or Credit Card at time of inspection.

 ***Please note that we do not charge additional fees for age, crawl spaces, raised foundation/basements.***